The Deep That Answers

an erasure of writings of Episcopal priest, writer, and theologian William Porcher DuBose.
Jason Myers

incomplete without God

sufferings abound

is it lawful to produce joy?

Our Lord does not say

I have dwelt so long

in the tribulation of life

I open briefly


is Christ the deep that answers

We have seen

the first Maryland invasion

the Confederacy beginning

to break

a New World 

without me

“For this project I considered what poets refer to as ‘documentary poetics,’ letting archival, historical texts make the body of the poem. In the end I found this produced poems that were interesting factually but inert emotionally and aesthetically…. In the erasure poems I have taken primary texts by (white male) leaders, lay and ordained, in the Episcopal Church and ‘erased’ the majority of their texts to reveal something evocative.”

—Jason Myers

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