A Jovial Being

Micah Williams

“This piece was drawn with the thought of a very close person to me, Melvin Richardson. He was one of the first people to encourage my inquisitive nature and is one my role models for being a Christian man.”

—Micah Williams

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  1. Micah,

    I am very grateful to have met you at the Poetry Slam. I am grateful too that I chose to “be brave” and read one small poem before you; I would have been speechless afterwards. Like everyone else in the room, I was completely enthralled by your amazing, poetic performance art. Thank you for sharing your work. I wondered if you and/or SSW might publish the video of your presentation. I think many would find it compelling. I’ll be certain to check the website to look for it.

    In any event, I hope you feel welcome and supported in Austin and SSW. Wishing you lasting love, peace and understanding.

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