Soul By Southwest

Soul by Southwest is the literary and visual arts journal published by the seminary’s Center for Writing and the Arts. The journal features works by students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the seminary from Central Texas and beyond.

SEMAPHORE - October 2023

Nevertheless - April 2022

what we made of it - August 2021




What: We publish words, images, and multimedia pieces that inspire, delight, question, and reveal, including short fiction, poetry, essays, reflections, musical works, photographs, and representations of other visual or three-dimensional art. We do not print academic or analytical writing, but we realize that genres are fluid. Please submit any questions about form or content to

When: We accept submissions year-round and publish content on a rolling basis.

How: All works will be considered, but we ask that you keep these preferences in mind:

  • Each written work should be submitted in a separate Word or Google document.
  • Prose pieces should be no more than 1,000 words, although we will accept proposals for longer works.
  • Images should be in jpeg format, +/-2000 dpi. Photos or scans of paintings, sketches, and other visual media are welcome.

Please send questions and submissions to