Psalm 27 – A Reflection

Flora A. Fearon

Protest, chaos, sickness, worry, depression
I can’t escape it
My heart beats fast with fear and dread, almost too much
All around reminds me of the “last days.”

Where is God?
Is God seeing, hearing this?
I put my trust in God.
Do I put my trust in God?

Will God hide me, protect me?
Shelter me, cover me?
Stand with me in the day of trouble?
Show me His beauty, His presence?

I believe, I choose to believe
God is sovereign and mighty,
God’s day is dawning and God will prevail.
I will wait and hope.

I will bless the beauty and goodness of God,
I will work and love
And laugh and lament
And preach and teach and hope.

I will wait for the new dawning and the victory
I will wait in hope.

“During the health care and social justice crises of 2020, I had the privilege to revisit my faith (i.e., what I believe and understand about God). That exploration led to a more intimate understanding of the sovereignty and mysteries of God and a closer, more mature personal relationship with God.

“‘Psalm 27 — A Reflection’ is my expression of that deeper relationship. The exploration of my relationship with God has led me to a renewed commitment to walk alongside hurting and confused souls who are also reexamining their faith during times of crisis.

—Flora A. Fearon

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