Cranes by Jennifer Bennett Scariano
Photo by Evan Bennett Scariano

“The cranes were part of a project for Dr. Claire Colombo’s spring 2020 course, ‘Beauty Matters: Theological Aesthetics for Social Transformation.’ The assignment was: ‘Each week, for a length of time that seems reasonable or possible to you, please engage in your chosen creative process.’

“As the Covid-19 pandemic descended on our community, I happened to read an article on the tradition of folding a thousand cranes for good luck and/or healing. At the time It seemed to me that we could all use a bit of both as we began trying to navigate a new and frightening landscape.

“By the end of the semester, I had folded 1,000 cranes.

—Jennifer Bennett Scariano

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  1. I totally appreciate this effort and enthusiasm for 1000 peace cranes. I, too, folded one thousand. And, last summer I brought it to the local level to involve the library, groups and businesses to promote literacy, building better lives for kids, and peace. 1800 landed and became a stellar Art Installation of hanging strands of peace cranes and beads reflecting light from the outdoors and peace all the way around. Thank you,1000 times!

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