An Evening’s Prayer

Poem by Neil Ellis Orts
Artwork by Rosalinda Joachim

Holy and gracious God, you who spoke the Word of Life into flesh, we give you thanks for this day. As daylight fades like a diminishing wick, we ask that you visit us by your Spirit. 

Who do you love more, the lion or the antelope? You made them both. When the chase is on, do you hope for the hunger to be sated or do you cheer for continued life? Must death come for life to go on? Day falls to night and “eternal life” feels distant, on the other side of blood and rending.

You hold flesh in high regard, so much so that you took it on yourself. That’s in the stories we tell year after year. We don’t always believe it. Help our unbelief. (We also tell how your flesh was rent.)

We are living. We are dying. We watch for the Messiah who will save us. We listen for the roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Comfort our fears. If we must be antelope, help us run a few miles more. 

In the name of the Word that you spoke into flesh, amen.

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2 Responses

  1. “…help us run a few miles more.”

    This really speaks to me in these trying times. Lovely. Thank you Neil.

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