Advent Meditation: December 11, 2021

30, 32; 42, 43
Haggai 2:1-19 Rev. 3:1-6 Matt. 24:1-14

“Jesus is coming. Look busy” is a well-worn bit of comedy, frequently seen on bumper stickers and Christmas-time cartoons.

The writer of today’s gospel, from Matthew, seems to be saying “Jesus is coming. Stay prepared.” In this Advent season of waiting and preparation, it’s a timely reminder for vigilance and stamina. Especially as a global pandemic nears its second birthday, it’s easy to grow impatient.

One way of reading the gospels is as a kind of guidebook for discipleship, as Jesus was trying to quickly corral an unruly bunch of young men (and women, we know) into becoming disciples after he’s gone. They seem unusually comfortable with his imminent departure and are more concerned with his return.

Like all of us, they want to know ‘when.’ Jesus, true to form, avoids a direct answer, and instead talks about what conditions they can expect–up to, and including, their own persecution. This is no doubt more than they bargained for.

Sometimes the path can seem especially challenging. Today’s reading is a reminder to persevere, stay vigilant, stay prepared. A perfect Advent reminder.

God, it’s dark, it’s cold.
Yet I know you are with me.
So I go on.

Listen to Greg read his Advent meditation and prayer:

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