Advent Meditation: December 13, 2021

41, 52; 44
Zech. 1:7-17 Rev. 3:7-13 Matt. 24:15-31

This time last year, it felt as if the world was falling apart. Most people battled with anxiety, grief, and confusion: A worldwide pandemic had left us aching for community. We were lonely and hurting. While some of those feelings may have lessened, we cannot pretend as if everything is ok. We are not ok! It will take a long time to be ok.

In reading today’s gospel, we are reminded that throughout time there have always been difficult situations. Living through this pandemic is not the first time or last time humanity will experience such division, chaos, and inconsolable desolation. There will be more times in our lives where we will feel tested but even with all the division, pain, and PTSD that we might be experiencing, we must hold on to the truth that Christ is coming. That is the power of Advent! Christ is always coming and calling us to stay faithful to him and his teachings. Calling us back to the love of God, calling us to hold tightly to hope even when everything around us is pushing us into hopelessness. Christ is coming, Christ is always coming, and we must ready ourselves to receive him and follow in his way of love.

God of love, grant us the strength to see beyond the grief and the courage to follow your light wherever it may lead. Amen.

Listen to Nancy read her Advent meditation and prayer:

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