Advent Meditation: December 13, 2022

45, 47, 48
Isaiah 9:1-7 2 Peter 1:12-21 Luke 22:54-69

With Peter, I am drawn to the kindled fire in the middle of today’s Gospel passage. In the darkness of the year and of my lonely heart, the glow and warmth of the fire are welcome. They offer comfort as I move close. The light illuminates my face and my outstretched hands.

It shows who I am and what I have done.

We are surrounded by chief priests, temple police, and elders. But the one who sees who I am and what I have done is a lowly servant girl. Unclouded by power, her eyes perceive. Unmuffled by mockery, her mouth proclaims. She calls me a fellow of Jesus, one who has spent time in his company.

Like another lowly servant girl (Luke 1:48), this one delivers truth into the noise and chaos of the world. I deny it, of course. I am afraid of what it might mean. I deny it again and again. When the eyes of the Lord fall upon me, as well, I am helpless to do anything but creep back into the shadows and weep.

I am a fellow of Jesus, one who has spent time in his company. And one who is hardly ready to accept what that might mean.

Who are the lowly servants who see who I really am? How do those without power or status call me deeper into fellowship with Christ?

Seer and speaker of truth, don’t give up on us. Keep calling us into your light. We want to say to say yes. Amen.

Listen to Claire read her Advent meditation and prayer:

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