Advent Meditation: December 18, 2022

24, 29, 8, 84
Isaiah 42:1-12 Ephesians 6:10-20 John 3:16-21

The King shall come when morning dawns and light triumphant breaks; when beauty gilds the eastern hills and life to joy awakes. (1982 Hymnal 73:1)

The short days of winter can’t be pushed back by electric lights alone. Leaving school or the office at the end of the day, we remember that dark can be unnerving, even if not always perilous. Lights are gifts when we must travel after nightfall.

Living in today’s world is like traveling after dusk.

John’s gospel acknowledges that human beings sometimes choose darkness over light. Darkness hides that which is shameful, scary, or devious. It shields evil from exposure and healing. It allows us to ignore damaging conditions we’d rather not acknowledge. Aligning ourselves to these realities condemns us to living in the gloom.

God offers a better choice. For God’s children, John testifies, God gave Jesus to the world to be the Light. And to bring beauty, joy, and love. Christ is the light that darkness did not and cannot overcome.

Despite the darkness that surrounds us, Christ the Light has come. This light is the very Beauty of God and the ultimate source of the Joy of God. This light liberates us from the darkness that beckons and threatens, so we might live in light and truth.

Dawn comes! Let the Light fill your life today.

Hail, Christ the Lord! Let morning dawn and beauty and joy bring! Come quickly, King of Kings! Amen.

Listen to Kai read her Advent meditation and prayer:

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