Advent Meditation: December 20, 2022

66, 67, 116, 117
Isaiah 11:10-16 Revelations 20:11-21:8 Luke 1:5-25

In today’s lesson from Luke, we meet Zechariah, a priest, and his wife Elizabeth, also of priestly descent. They (especially Zechariah) are granted intimacy with the worship of God. These are no ordinary Israelites. They are also righteous, blameless in following God’s ways of justice and peace. They truly live with their lives the faith that they proclaim. These are no ordinary priests. And yet, these righteous and worthy members of the chosen people have not yet been blessed with their hoped-for future: children. While they must experience deep fulfillment in their lineage and genuine righteousness, there remains a longing. In the midst of this longing, it is Zechariah’s turn to serve at the temple, a twice-yearly commitment. Furthermore, he is chosen to offer incense in the sanctuary of the Lord; a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is no ordinary day. And who should appear during this anything but ordinary moment, on this anything but ordinary day, to this anything but ordinary person, but an angel. This angel from God, has come into the midst of Zechariah’s fulfillment and lack of it with news: your family will not end with you and Elizabeth. In the midst of our own fulfillment and unfulfillment, where might an angel from God meet us? Where have we met one already?

God surprising mercy, help us notice your angels, that we might receive your good news, through Jesus, your Beloved. Amen.

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