Advent Meditation: December 3, 2021

16, 17; 22
Amos 5:1-17 Jude 1:1-16 Matt. 22:1-14

Psalm 16 and 17 are prayers of praise and trust in the Holy One of Israel. The psalmist speaks with the tone of familiarity and the intimacy of a close relationship with the Lord of heaven and earth. There is boldness in the petitions and a hint of self-examination. There is bold honesty in the words, “I have no good apart from you!”

Martin Luther once quipped, “Lord, I am your sin; you are my righteousness!” He referred to his relationship with the Lord as one of a “happy exchange.” He understood Christ as the One who took his sin and exchanged it for His righteousness.

As I pen these words I am reminded of the two year-old whom I baptized this past Sunday. I think of the relationship that will unfold in his life as he grows older. I am reminded of the promises made by his parents and sponsors who promised to instruct him in the ways of rightful living. In time, he will say his own prayers and will learn to place his steadfast trust in the Lord, his Savior. We, too, place our trust in the Lord of heaven and earth and say our daily prayers in anticipation of his coming in glory to judge the living and the dead. We make our daily self-examination that no evil may be found in our hearts, that we might be ready to greet him on the day of his appearance.

Lord of heaven and earth, Guard me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings! Amen.

Listen to Jay read his Advent meditation and prayer:

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