Advent Meditation: December 4, 2022

148, 149, 150, 114, 115
Isaiah 5:1-7 2 Peter 3:11-18 Luke 7:28-35

What sort of people ought we be in leading lives of holiness and godliness? This 2 Peter question reverberates for generations of Christians. From the first hearing until now, the faithful have been challenged by all manner of disaster and disruption. It is a good question to ask ourselves. How are we meant to be Christian now? At this time? With these challenges? How are we to lead lives of holiness and godliness?

I am often asked, “What do I do about my anger?” Many faithful people want help handling anger towards people, actions, and places committed to harm, hatred, and hopelessness. We are not the first to see our faith challenged by the times we live in. When we look to giants like Tubman, King, Murray, or TuTu we do not question their commitment to Jesus. We believe they led holy and godly lives. Yet, clearly anger fueled their ministries as much as the prophetic visions God revealed to them.

When we are committed to a life dedicated to God, then we live a life of holiness and godliness. Will there be anger? Yes. And there will be visions of a loving and just future too. No need to fear anger’s presence. Instead, we look for the way God will guide our anger in the direction it is needed. This is the Christian life taking all that we are and all that we face to God.

All knowing God we rely on you to guide us into to holy and godly lives. All that we are and can be is yours. Amen.

Listen to Carlye read her Advent meditation and prayer:

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