Advent Meditation: December 7, 2021

26, 28; 36, 39
Amos 7:10-17, 24-25 Rev. 1:9-16 Matt. 22:34-46

Even for those of us who hold fast to Advent until Christmas Eve, the month of December tends to be a festive time, filled with parties and celebrations. We may wait to decorate the tree, but we are unlikely to turn down the opportunity to take the kids for pictures with Santa or mingle at the neighborhood block party. And our celebrations are often filled with abundant food and drink, perhaps delights we make only at this time of year – eggnog, tamales, a Yule log. A table weighed down with cookies of every kind is a beautiful sight. But how often does that abundance morph into excess and its consequences – overeating, drunkenness, wastefulness?

If instead we began our celebrations where the Psalmist points us, feasting and drinking from God’s abundance and delight, how would our holiday season be different? Would we share more of ourselves, beyond the money and toys we offer in outreach? Recognize how often our own abundance is made possible through the labors of those without it, here and abroad?

As Covid disrupts our gift-giving and gatherings, we will make choices. How can we drink from the river of delight instead of the stagnant pool of frustration? Where can we extend an invitation to the abundance of God’s house? And how can we slow down to be nourished ourselves?

God of joy, thank you for so many gifts. Help us to create abundance in the world and inspire us to delight others. Amen.

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