Advent Meditation: December 1, 2022

Isaiah 2:12-22 1 Thessalonians 3:1-13 Luke 20:27-40

In her book Viral Justice, Ruha Benjamin discusses the nature of our interdependence. Benjamin asserts that in order to live into our destiny we must “acknowledge and foster a deep-rooted interdependence not as some cheery platitude but as a guiding ethos for regenerating life.” By embracing our interdependence as sacred, we, as a societal and global collective, can engage in transformational change, moving from a location of “pathological self-interest” to a communal response of solidarity. By understanding that all forms of our existence are inextricably linked, we become better stewards, caregivers, joy and justice-spreaders, recognizing that our participation in any unjust system makes us all dis-eased.

In our Epistle lesson assigned for today, we meet a community of faith who seems to get it. To this body of believers, Paul offers his thanksgiving for their cohesion and commitment to one another. We see a glimpse of their relational dynamics—the community’s interrelatedness. Through their solidarity of shared suffering, just service and familial orientation, an infectious joy is sparked and is felt by Paul and other communities who share a common history, purpose and destiny.

During this Advent season, might we, too, see our lives together as sacred and bound together?

Dear God, help us to move beyond our self-interest so that we may become joy and justice spreaders, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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  1. Thank you for your comments. They wake me to the needs of those
    around me in this culture. Please continue to shake us awake.

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